Botox Cost, How Much Should You Really Be Paying?

Treating patients for over 10 years we have always been surprised at the wide range of Botox prices patients have been charged for their treatments. We hear every reason, the doctor injected it, the nurse gave me a good deal, my friend went to the same place… but the bottom line is the customer paid too much. To give you a clear understanding of how you can calculate your Botox cost, first you have to understand a few things about this prescription medication.

Allergan, the manufacturer, has studied specific areas of the face to come up with safe and effective dosage for most patients. There are always exceptions to the rule but for first time patients you should stay on the low side of the range to see how Botox affects you personally.

How Botox Works

Botox works by stopping the electrical impulses that tell the muscles to contract, which show as wrinkles on our face. It comes in a vacuum dried 100 vial and has to be reconstituted with purified diluent. Once the injector mixes the botox with the Allergan recommended 2.5ml of saline, 100 units are available for injection. With this dilution every 0.1ml in the syringe equals 4 units of Botox.

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Recommended # Units Per Area:
Forehead Lines– 15-20
Frown Lines – 16-24
Crows Feet – 8-12 each
Lip Lines – 2 – 4
Bunny Lines -2-4
Dimpled Chin – 2-6
Sad Smile – 4-10
Platysmal Bands – 6-30
Eye Brow Shaping – 1-4

Beware of Bargain Botox Prices

All doctors offices and medspas pay about the same price to get the product from the vendor (Allergan). So how can Botox prices vary so much? That is where the reconstitution question becomes very important.

The doctor who uses more saline then the recommended amount are giving a less effective injection of botox. With this in mind ask questions about dilution and how many units you are receiving in a specific area.

One last concern you should be aware of is Botox pricing by area. What is their definition of an “area”? For instance a practice may advertise $99 per area but may actually break crows feet into 2 areas for each eye. Read the small print on the advertisement, look at reviews and research where you are going to.

If you are still unsure of the right amount of Botox cosmetic for your concerns, read the frequently asked questions and you are always welcome to come in to The Laser Image Company for a complimentary consultation.  Ask our injectable specialists about Botox and other aesthetic procedures we offer.

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The Laser Image Company

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