Dysport vs Botox, Which is Better?

Botox is one of the most known and used products on the market to reduce facial wrinkles. Manufactured by Allergan, it has had the exclusive U.S. cosmetic market from 2002-2009 thus making it the only used botulinum toxin for wrinkle reduction. However, in 2009 the FDA approved Dysport for use in the U.S. market reporting the same benefits as Botox and is now a popular alternative. Dysport has been used in Europe for well over a decade as a popular Botox alternative.

Dysport vs Botox:
The botulinum toxin in both products temporarily blocks contractions in the treated muscle area and relaxes it, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Both Dysport and Botox help improve the appearance of facial lines in this way. Choosing Dysport or Botox is usually just a matter of preference for either the person receiving the treatment or the injection specialist performing the procedure.

Similarities Between Dysport vs Botox
Both Dysport and Botox are forms of botulinum toxin type A that use the exact same mechanism of action to reduce the electrical impulses that contract the muscle. Both are biologically and chemically identical and are extracted for safe use in humans. Dysport and Botox reduce the appearance of these lines that are the caused over time by smiling, squinting, frowning and raising the eyebrows.

Dysport vs Botox Differences
Dysport is formulated differently and is more diluted than Botox. This only changes the dosage level and the higher dilution does not make it less effective, it is mainly a concern for the injector and the number of units that will be used. If you’re custom to a certain number of units with your Botox treatments, expect that number to increase when switching to Dysport.

Dysports smaller protein molecules may reduce the formation of antibodies that eventually break down the formula and reduce its effectiveness. It has also been reported that people that have not responded to Botox or have had reduced effectiveness from it find good results from Dysport.

Dysport acts a bit differently in the body and tends to diffuse more, causing it to spread out over a broader area after it’s injected. This can be beneficial when treating larger areas, such as the forehead, and areas with thinner muscles, such as crows’ feet. It also means that Dysport may not work as well for treating small areas with thicker muscles, such as the space between the eyebrows or around the mouth.

Most experienced injection specialists that know facial musculature can control the diffusion and keep the treatment area very specific but in some instances Botox may simply be a better choice.

How long does Dysport last compared to Botox?
Our experience has shown that the results vary from patient to patient but most people show real results with Botox in a few days to a week while Dysport presents visible changes a bit sooner. Both Botox and Dysport show similar longevity lasting three to six months. So the choice truly comes down to personal preference.

How much does Dysport cost in relation to Botox?
Overall Dysport tends to be pretty close to Botox in price. The product itself costs less per unit, around $4, but treatment will require a higher number of units to get the same results as Botox ($11-$15).

Many cosmetic providers use a 3:1 ratio, meaning that three units of Dysport equal one unit of Botox, but that is not set in stone. At The Laser Image Company we adjust the dosage depending on which area of the face is being injected, and the strength of those muscles. With that in mind Dysport tends to be a little less expensive than Botox.

Note: Always be wary of prices that are too good to be true. It could mean that the clinic is using counterfeit injectables and your health and wellbeing is worth going to a reputable injection specialist.

How can I save money on Dysport?
Galderma, the manufacturer of Dysport announced its Aspire Rewards Program that can provide rewards for Dysport and Restylane dermal fillers. There is no fee to sign up and you can receive instant savings on your first treatment.

Dysport is a good alternative to Botox to treat facial wrinkles but it truly comes down to person preference. A smart consumer will try both to determine whether Dysport or Botox are best. We always recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation and let the Laser Image Company injection specialists educate you on what is best for you.

Kate Fisher

Kate Fisher (Cosmetic Injectable Specialist) Kate started her career as an Aesthetician 13 years ago with a love for everything beauty and cosmetic. She continued her studies as an enrolled nurse 4 years ago in Sydney Australia. Her skill set is comprised of a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and the physiology of the skin and underlying tissue. Kate has experience with many lasers and injectables and will use her extensive knowledge to create a specialized treatment program for each individuals concerns. With her eye for detail, sensitive and respectful communication, and caring behavior your outcome will be what you were looking for. About The Laser Image Company: The clinic was a collaboration of Dr. Lad Rubaum an ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and John Santoliquido, a laser specialist and trainer, with the intention to educate patients on all the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments available. We specialize in advanced treatments using Microneedlng with PRP. Our injectable specialists use Botox to smooth lines and can create amazing transformations with dermal fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Radiesse and Restylane. Our state of the art lasers can treat any skin color. We offer laser Skin tightening, Laser Hair & Vein Removal , IPL, Photofacial, Genesis for rosacea and collagen stimulation, Vanquish for fat melting and Fractional laser for acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks. The staff was handpicked by Dr. Rubaum for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the specific treatments they perform. Whether it is a laser to tighten the skin or a filler plump the lips, Laser Image Company will have you covered.

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