Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening

Is Laser Skin Tightening effective for both the face and body?

Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed skin not looking the way it used to? Do you pull your face skin back with your hands and imagine a tighter, firmer, more youthful you? Have you wished you can achieve these goals with out surgery or excessive downtime that would be obvious to others you are having laser skin tightening treatments done? You are in luck! There is a safe and effective FDA approved laser treatment that can help you achieve this over time. Although it can not give the exact results that surgery can, you run less risk of side effects by doing a non invasive treatment.

As early as the age of 20, we begin to produce one percent less collagen each year. Collagen,  elastin and hyaluronic acids are essential for skin’s health. Genetics, time, gravity, exposure to sun, air pollutants, and radiation from the sun can also effect the bodies ability to repair damaged skin cells. This can happen before you even notice a gray hair or experience sagging skin. It is important to do what we can to prevent the signs of aging by doing skin treatments. As we age the ligaments in the skin also begin to weaken therefore showing signs of sagging skin.

Laser Skin Tightening is an effective treatment that can be used to treat any part of the body that may benefit from tightening loose skin, increase collagen that has been lost over time or with age, reduce wrinkles, and decrease the appearance of skin laxity. The ReFirme laser skin tightening system can provide beautiful firm skin on the face, neck, chest, abdomen, legs and other areas of the body without the use numbing creams and NO downtime.

Patients like this treatment because of the benefit of no downtime or recovery time and that immediate tightening can be seen. To achieve maximum results, this treatment shoud be done consistently and over the course of 3 to 6 months collagen will continue to rebuild and grow stronger.

You are a candidate for this safe and effective laser treatment if you are starting to notice loose, sagging skin, or lines and wrinkles that were not there before. This treatment is especially good for a person looking  to treat the jawline, jowels and increase collagen production.

Laser Skin Tightening

How does Laser Skin Tightening work?

To begin the FDA approved skin tightening treatment, ultra sound gel is applied. Then we place the laser hand piece on the area experiencing the lax skin. During the ReFirme treatment, light energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses that are emitting infrared light that penetrates down to the upper dermis. In doing so, the collagen will contract and new collagen will begin to grow. Patients may feel a gradual warming sensation at the treatment area, and could feel brief discomfort which is often described as similar to the sensation caused by a snapping rubber band on the skin. No need to worry, because the way the laser is designed it protects the upper layers of skin to prevent any pain or peeling.  Most patients comment that the discomfort they feel during laser skin tightening is minimal, and it is usually resolved within minutes of the procedure’s completion.

While laser skin tightening is not a substitute for a facelift or other surgical procedures, you can still get great results without going under the knife, or the use of injectables. This is an excellent treatment option for those seeking noticeable improvements to areas experiencing moderate skin laxity. Although results vary from patient to patient, the results can be long lasting and help slow down the signs of aging.

What can we do along with laser skin tightening to prevent loose skin?

As we age, collagen continues to break down over time, and we can notice loose facial skin, or neck skin. Therefore, the more you do this treatment the better results you will get. With each treatment your are building more collagen and elastin. The body takes a few weeks to fully produce the collagen, which is why skin tightening treatments should be spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. We normally recommend anywhere from 4-6 treatments to get the desired results and touch ups as needed once the collagen is fully produced.

In the meantime, good skincare and limiting sun exposure can help prevent skin from becoming more lax over time. It is important to protect your skin with a high spf sun block that protects from the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun. The ultraviolet rays the sun emits can be damaging to both exisiting and new collagen as time goes on. So it is very important to limit sun exposure and wear SPF to protect your skin and your results. A good skin care regime along with spf can help deliver subtle results and can assist in the firming process.

Some skin creams market that they can tighten and smooth lines and wrinkles. Although these are great they only work on the superficial areas of the skin. Exercise, and a healthy diet can help in maintaining a youthful complexion.

What to expect after treatment?

We need to remember everybody is different and the aging process effects us all in different ways. Lifestyle, skincare habits, diet, exercise and treatment consistency can effect the results of each individual. After laser skin tightening, one may experience redness, slight swelling, warmth of the skin which usually resides within a few hours. Permanent negative side effects are rarely seen by this safe and effective FDA approved skin laser treatment. Skin that is more delicate such as the decollate and neck area should especially be covered or applied with sunscreen for at least two weeks following the skin tightening treatment. Immediate results of a tightening effect are visible due to the warming of the skin or dermis and the contracting or tightening that takes place during the treatment. Patients can go back to their regular daily activities after the treatment but again we do apply sunscreen before the patients leave and encourage patients to avoid direct sun exposure if possible. As time goes on, and consistent treatments are done monthly or every six weeks, the patient will begin to see increase firming of the skin along with less skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles. Touch ups may be needed as time goes on due to the aging process and continued breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid the body produces as we continue to age. To get the very best result this skin treatment is great to do in conjunction with other skin treatments. You can also do this skin laser treatment before or even after a facelift. You can combine it with injectable treatments such as Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and facial fillers. These can temporarily help lift, fill in or smooth areas of unwanted sagging skin, fine lines or deep wrinkles. This will maximize your result outcome.  So if you’re considering doing this treatment you won’t have to worry about recovery time since this skin tightening procedure targets many layers of the skin with very minimal risk and no downtime.

To choose the right laser treatment for you, and your concerns, can sometimes be hard. I always recommend coming into our office and getting a complimentary consultation with one of our nurses, so you can decide together what would be best for you. The Laser Image Company, your place for education, treatment & results. Give us a call today Ph. 310-543-9073.

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About The Laser Image Company: The clinic was a collaboration of Dr. Lad Rubaum an ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and John Santoliquido, a laser specialist and trainer, with their company intention to educate patients on all the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments available. We specialize in advanced treatments with Jeuveau,  Botox and Dysport to create amazing transformations with dermal fillers like RHA Voluma, and Restylane. Our state of the art lasers can treat any skin color. We offer Morpheus8 laser Skin tightening, Laser Hair & Vein Removal , IPL, Photofacial, Genesis for rosacea and collagen stimulation, Exilis and Contrast Lypolysis for fat melting and Fractional laser for acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks. The staff was handpicked by for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the specific treatments they perform. Whether it is a laser to tighten the skin or a filler plump the lips, Laser Image Company will have you covered.

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