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Driven by patients’ desire for quicker and more convenient cosmetic surgery options that can safely and effectively reduce wrinkles, tighten loose skin, melt fat, reduce stretch marks and restore youthful contours. The interest in non-invasive cosmetic procedures continues to grow. Look at the Morpheus8 before and after results that show Los Angeles patients an effective treatment option without the long downtime like that of surgery.

InMode’s new Morpheus8 non invasive treatment option uses two extremely effective skin rejuvenation technologies together. Microneedling that create microinjuries along with fractionated radio-frequency (RF) to heat the layers of the skin. This sub – dermal tissue remodeling immediately shrinks the skin and stimulates natural collagen production, which acts like an internal glue, further tightening the skin over time. This same advanced technology is used with Morpheus8 body treatments to melt fat, tighten skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

Morpheus8 Before and After Skin Tightening Photos

Patients can expect to see some immediate facial skin tightening with continued improvement being seen 90 days post procedure.

How does Morpheus8 fractional skin treatment work?

To understand how this advanced technology works it is best to break down the two aspects of the device. Microneedling uses a collection of tiny needles to create micro-wounds on the skin surface. Your body’s attempt to repair these puncture wounds is its natural healing response. The new collagen creates more elastic cells to replace the older ones and strengthens your skin. The result is overall skin rejuvenation with firmer, smoother skin with less noticeable lines and wrinkles.

The second technology to affect morpheus8 results is bipolar radiofrequency energy. This anti-aging treatment has been around for many years and works by heating the deep dermis to stimulate collagen production. Radiofrequency is gentle and, unlike lasers, doesn’t rely on potentially damaging superficial thermal energy to work. The Morpheus8 is the only RF microneedling device to use bipolar energy which is safer and more effective than comparable equipment.

Morpheus8 Before and After Treatment Results

Morpheus8 customized treatment plans allow the needle depth and radiofrequency to be adjusted to treat different layers of your skin. This allows our practitioner the ideal treatment option for every area of the face and body. Morpheus treatments will give improved skin texture, tighter skin, smooth acne scars, and positively affect many other anti-aging concerns. The radiofrequency energy can also be stacked multiple times at different depths for more significant Morpheus8 treatment results.

Morpheus8 Before and After results for the body.

The fractionated radiofrequency energy of the Morpheus8 has been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, tighten loose skin on any body area and contour unwanted fat pockets. Stretch marks are usually a concern for those who had extreme weight loss/gain, pregnancy, or just growth spurts as teens. The unique combination technology of microneedling with radiofrequency help to break up the scar tissue within the stretch mark and stimulate collagen to smooth the overall skin appearance.

Body skin wrinkles start to appear later in life and even though we feel young and vibrant at heart our overall skin tone does not reflect it. Even though there are medical treatments for skin tightening removing excess skin and leaving scars it is not the only option. Any areas that have skin creepiness and laxity such as the knees, upper arms, and abdomen should consider morpheus non-surgical anti-aging treatment. Minimal downtime, no surgery and dramatic skin tightening and smoothing results.

For body contouring the morpheus8 remodels skin and the deep RF energy destroys the unwanted fat. A customized treatment approach will be created during your morpheus8 initial consultation and your results will dramatically improve after each procedure.

Morpheus8, A practical alternative to surgery:

Morpheus8 before and after pictures look like a facelift. Restore a youthful appearance and resolve sagging and wrinkled skin around your neck, chin, and jowls. Wrinkles and lines minimize without having to endure incisions, blood loss, and anesthesia.

Morpheus8 treatments offer the following benefits:

  • Reduce deep lines and wrinkles.
  • Increase collagen stimulation.
  • Naturally encourage skin rejuvenation.
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.
  • Tighten skin laxity.
  • Decrease acne scars.
  • Improve skin tone, texture, and color.
  • Treat vertical lines on the chest
  • Shrink pore size.
  • Safe on darker skin tones.

Find out if you’re a candidate for the Morpheus8 treatment. Call The Laser Image Company at 310-543-9073 to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn about this revolutionary alternative to a facelift.

The Laser Image Company

About The Laser Image Company: The clinic was a collaboration of Dr. Lad Rubaum an ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and John Santoliquido, a laser specialist and trainer, with their company intention to educate patients on all the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments available. We specialize in advanced treatments with Jeuveau,  Botox and Dysport to create amazing transformations with dermal fillers like RHA Voluma, and Restylane. Our state of the art lasers can treat any skin color. We offer Morpheus8 laser Skin tightening, Laser Hair & Vein Removal , IPL, Photofacial, Genesis for rosacea and collagen stimulation, Exilis and Contrast Lypolysis for fat melting and Fractional laser for acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks. The staff was handpicked by for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the specific treatments they perform. Whether it is a laser to tighten the skin or a filler plump the lips, Laser Image Company will have you covered.

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