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Sometimes, when facial fillers are misplaced, wrongly injected, or migrate, they can be visible to the naked eye. The ‘duck lips’ is a prime example of over-injection of HA filler. The client has a visible puffy upper lip or a protruded pout due to filler migration above the lip tissue. Filler complications like those seen in the lips can occur with eye filler, cheek filler, and facial filler. It can be as extreme as a botched filler or as minute as a small bump.

The one important point of dissolving lip filler or that in any treatment area is the original enhancement injection must have been done with a hyaluronic acid filler. This is because the filler dissolver, hyaluronidase, only works on that type of filler treatment.

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Benefits of
Dissolving Filler:

  • Correct duck lips
  • Remove filler bumps
  • Smooth uneven area
  • Create a natural look
  • Remove migrated filler.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dissolving Filler

How is dermal filler dissolving done?

Dissolving filler is a very simple and quick treatment. It involves a few injections of hyaluronidase into the area where the filler needs to be dissolved. Total treatment time should be around 15 minutes. For most corrections the first hyaluronidase treatment will resolve the issue.

What is hyaluronidase?

Hyaluronidase is a purified naturally occurring enzyme that acts as a dispersion agent, breaking down hyaluronic acid dermal fillers through hydrolysis.

What are the side effects of dermal filler dissolving?

Immediately after injecting hyaluronidase into the area, you may experience visible swelling and potential bruising. This will subside within 48-72 hours depending on the area and how much filler is required to be dissolved, however, it will take up to two weeks for all of the filler to be completely dissolved and settled back natural.

Does dissolving filler hurt?

With any injection, you may experience some discomfort from the needle stick and you can expect a stinging sensation when the hyaluronidase is injected. The application of topical numbing cream along with the use of ice can reduce this discomfort. After the procedure there is a potential for mild discomfort and possible bruising and swelling, that should subside in 24-48 hours.

Can I get hyaluronic acid filler again in the same area?

Yes, you can! Just because you had dermal filler dissolving done does not mean you have to be content with the lost volume in that area. Once the filler is completely dissolved, HA filler can be safely injected after two weeks. Natural looking results focus are always the focus of our practitioners as your radiant self is a walking advertisement for our practitioners skills.

Is lip filler dissolving right for me? 

Dermal lip fillers can enhance the volume loss as we age and give more defined lip lines. The lip border can be accentuated to give more natural lips. Lip filler treatments are generally an effective solution to the aging face but in some instances, it doesn’t turn out right.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers will naturally break down over time but when should it be dissolved? When lips are overfilled the weight and pressure of the lip filler brings the mouth down and the over-use of the muscles around the mouth to compensate causes wrinkles, fine lines and skin laxity. In this situation dissolving lip filler should be the first step in the skin rejuvenation process in that treatment area.

Is it safe to drive after dissolving filler?
At the Laser Image Company, we dissolve filler for clients from Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Los Angeles and there is no problem for them to drive after lip injections.

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