Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF hair restoration, a much less expensive alternative to hair restoration surgery, is quickly becoming an integral part of treating hair loss for both men and women. Extracted from the client’s blood, the PRF contains a high concentration of platelets, fibrin, white blood cells, and stem cells.

When injected into the thinning hair area, the platelets attach to the fibrin network and release the growth factors responsible for creating new skin cells, collagen, and blood vessels. This process helps regenerate hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth, making PRF hair regrowth injections a 100% natural treatment.

Long-Lasting Hair Growth Stimulation

PRF hair restoration therapy offers a great treatment option to hair loss patients that do not want to undergo a hair transplant procedure such as hair plugs or risk the side effects of certain topical hair products for hair regrowth.

The PRF growth factors are released much slower than the older PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection method, which provides the bonus of longer-lasting hair growth stimulation.

Benefits of
PRF Hair Restoration:

  • Stimulates hair regrowth.
  • The platelets promote the healing of tissue.
  • Stimulates blood flow to the area
  • Regenerates hair follicles
  • Safe on all skin colors
  • 100% natural

PRF Hair Restoration

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FAQ’s – PRF Hair Restoration

What is PRF hair restoration?
PRF is derived from your blood, and contains no additives, making it a 100% natural treatment. The platelets present in platelet-rich fibrin hair treatment solution contain proteins (fibrin), white blood cells, along with a small number of stem cells. Activated by contact with body tissues, they are like little “powerhouses” that increase blood flow and release proteins called growth factors. These proteins increase blood flow, improve wound healing and help stimulate hair growth and thickening.

PRF is a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment, but it has been a clinically proven successful hair loss treatment as well.

How does PRF hair restoration work?
Following PRF treatment, the stem cells, leukocytes, and fibrin stimulate and repair the dormant hair follicles on a cellular level. This naturally triggers hair regrowth and increases the strength and thickness of the new individual hair shafts being produced.

What will I experience during the hair loss procedure?
This hair regrowth procedure is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes. It starts with a blood draw, which is spun in a centrifuge to separate the PRF. The area being treated is cleaned and your body’s natural PRF is drawn into several syringes. Ice packs can be applied to the area to reduce discomfort then injections are done in and around the area of thinning hair. The needle is super tiny and most clients do not even feel the injections.

How much downtime after PRF treatment aftercare?
For the first 48 hours after Platelets Rich Fibrin hair treatment, shampoo, conditioners, and heat should be avoided, including hot showers. The hair may be rinsed with cold water only. Exercise should be avoided for 24 hours post-treatment.

Who can benefit from Platelet Rich Fibrin hair restoration?
Any man or woman that has thinning or receding hair is a good PRF hair restoration candidate. This hair regrowth treatment will help restore, and thicken hair. But, keep in mind that it will not stimulate growth in areas with no prior actual hair.

Non-surgical hair regrowth injections using PRF are becoming a popular option for anyone looking for a minimally invasive, natural treatment.

How often can I get PRF scalp injections?
It is recommended that PRF hair restoration patients get a series of 4 treatments, 4 weeks apart to see optimal results. Once the initial series of PRF hair injections is completed it is recommended to have one maintenance procedure every 6 to 12 months.

Is Rich Fibrin Hair Restoration Effective?
The success rate is close to 80% when the treatment plan mentioned above is followed.

Is PRF Treatment Safe?
PRF is extracted from the patient’s blood, making the treatment safe, with no risk of allergic reaction and very little risk of infection or complication. Because it is 100% natural a lot of patients avoid a range of risks and a long recovery period by opting for PRF over hair restoration surgery or hair transplant therapy. PRF hair loss treatment works by stimulating natural hair growth, with no scars, no “doll hair” plugs, and no downtime.

Is it safe to drive after having PRF hair restoration?
At the Laser Image Company, we treat clients for PRF treatments from Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Los Angeles. There is no trouble for them to drive post-treatment.

How much does PRF hair restoration cost?
The cost of the procedure is $550 per area. One area would include the front of the scalp for receding hairline and the other would be the crown of the head. The nurse injecting the PRF will discuss the exact cost specific to your concerns before anything is started. A series of 4 PRF hair restoration treatments will cost $1800.

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