Vanquish Fat Removal

 The Vanquish is a very exciting new device designed to deliver fat melting energy into the tissue without injuring the skin or other structures. Scientific research has shown that the selective RF waves heat the fatty tissue to the point where the fat cells undergo “Apoptosis” or cell death. The non-living fat cells are then absorbed by the body and contour changes. This revolutionary system uses non-invasive selective Radio Frequency (RF) and actual real time monitoring that allows for changes to be made during the treatment to be sure to deliver the correct amount of energy to effectively melt the fat without undue risk or complications.

Benefits of
Vanquish Fat Removal:

  • Reduce undesirable fatty deposits
  • Remove belly fat
  • Shrink flanks, thighs and back areas

Vanquish Fat Removal
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FAQ’s – Vanquish Fat Removal

How many Vanquish laser treatments do I need?
The number of treatments varies based on the area being treated, age of the patients and the desired results. The best long term results are experienced when a patient undergoes 4 to 6 treatments.

Who is a candidate for Vanquish fat reduction?
Vanquish laser is for patients who have areas of undesirable fat on the abdomen, flanks, thighs and back. The treatment is not for weight reduction but for contouring specific areas.

What kind of results can I expect from Vanquish fat removal laser treatment?
Results from non-surgical treatments will vary from patient to patient, the amount of energy applied, the amounts of fat, the depths of the fat and how well hydrated the patient is. Patients can expect a 1-2 inch reduction after 6 treatments.

How frequently can I do Vanquish fat removal treatments?
The 30 – 45 minute treatments should be done every 1 – 2 weeks with strong emphasis on drinking plenty of water.

Does the Vanquish fat removal treatment hurt?
Vanquish laser treatment will be performed while you are laying down on you back or stomach and a mild sensation of heat will be felt in the area. Most people say it feels like a heating pad.

What happens after each Vanquish laser treatment?
You can resume normal daily activities immediately and It is encouraged to drink lots of water before and after treatment.

Do I have to change my diet for Vanquish fat removal treatments?
No. The treatment is effective due to the technology but water is an important part of getting the best results possible.

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Vanquish Fat Removal

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