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Chemical peels have been used for years to improve signs of aging, pigmentation and acne. VI Peel uses a proprietary blend of active ingredients to target specific skin conditions. When the new regenerated skin is revealed it is smoother, with less wrinkles, sun damage and less acne break outs.

VI Peel has different types and strengths that can be safely used on any skin type. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our skin care professional to see what peel is best for your skin concerns.

Benefits of
VI Peel:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten Melasma
  • Treat sun damage and hyper pigmentation
  • Reduce age spots, freckles and dark patches
  • Fight Acne causing bacteria
  • Stimulate cell turnover
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Improve the feel and look of the skin

VI Peel
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FAQ’s – VI Peel

What is VI Peel?
The VI peel is a specifically formulated synthetic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for various skin types and conditions. These peels improve pigment, acne and aging skin evening out tone, smoothing texture and clears acne causing redness in as little as seven days. VI Peel is an excellent choice if you are looking to get healthier, firmer and more youthful skin.

Are there different types of VI Peel?
Yes. We offer three different powerful VI Peels at The Laser Image Company.

  • VI Peel (all skin types, aging skin) This peel is anti-aging and reduces or eliminates age spots, addresses hyper pigmentation and softens fine lines and wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin types and conditions.
  • VI Peel Precision Plus (all skin types, aging, hyper pigmentation, melasma, acne scarring) VI Peel Precision Plus is specifically designed to treat stubborn pigmentation and damage in the skin. This is an ultimate treatment choice for dramatic results, leaving the skin more radiant and bright.
  • VI Peel Purify (all skin types, oily, blemish-prone skin, acne, acne scarring) VI Peel Purify provides superior results for patients with a variety of acneic symptoms, both acne prone and active acne skin. Get radiant and healthier looking skin in as little as 7 days.

What are chemical peels used for?
Chemical peels are used for the treatment of photo-aging (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, and discoloration (including melasma, freckles, and age spots).

How is the VI Peel performed?
The treatment starts with vigorous cleansing and degreasing of the skin, followed by the VI Peel solution application. The solution can be applied up to 4-6 times depending on the treatment area.

How long does the VI Peel treatment take?
Most peels can be performed within a few minutes, depending on size of the area being treated, but expect 30 minutes for the entire VI Peel process.

Does the VI Peel hurt?
Unlike other chemical peels, the VI Peel treatments are easy to apply, virtually painless as numbing quickly occurs after the first pass of the peel on the skin, and require no skin pre-conditioning.

What should I expect when getting a VI Peel?
Your skin will be tight and appear pink or tan directly afterwards. Areas with pigmentation will appear darker until the peeling process begins. Typically peeling begins on the third day, and day 3-5 are the most aggressive days of peeling. Rewarding results can be seen on or around day 7.

How many VI Peels will I need?
The VI Peel may be performed alone or in a series of 2-4 peels 4-6 weeks apart until the desired results are achieved. A comprehensive home skincare routine specific to your skin concern will increase the effectiveness of the peels.

How long do the results from a VI peel last?
With good home skincare products, your specific skin concern can be a thing of the past.

Is there anything I have to think about after a VI Peel?
During the peeling process you MUST avoid sun exposure. The use of sunscreen is essential. It is very important to not pick on the peeling skin and to strictly follow the skin care instructions your skin care professional gave you for at least 7 days until the peeling process is over.

Is there any risks with VI Peel treatments?
VI Peel treatments are unique as they are suitable for all skin types and quite safe. Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation of the skin can occur, as can irritation or sensitivity, redness and/or rashes. Minor side effects that do arise are easily treated.

Who is a candidate for a VI Peel?
Anyone that is interested in achieving and maintaining healthier more youthful looking skin.

How long after a VI Peel can I return to normal activities?
There is no down time with getting a VI Peel, but you have to avoid activities involving excessive sweating for 72-96 hours (including exercise, saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms). Sun exposure should also be avoided for 7 days after the VI Peel.

What should I use at home to maintain the condition of my skin after a VI Peel?
Your skin care professional will discuss the appropriate products to use and sun protection is a must.

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