Chemical Peels for acne, sun damage, wrinkles and skin tone

Chemical peels have been used for years to improve signs of aging. In this treatment, a chemical is applied to the skin which causes it to peel. When the new regenerated skin is revealed it is smoother, with less wrinkles and sun damage. Different types and strengths of chemical peels can be used to adjust the severity of the peeling and the specific condition you are trying to target. Even certain types of acne can be treated using chemical peels.

If the look and feel of your skin is dull in texture and color then a chemical peel may be the answer to brighten and lighten your complexion.

We offer many choices for facial peels:

How are the CosMedix Chemical peels different?

Traditional chemical peels typically consist of chemical solutions applied to the skin to form flakes or blisters that eventually peel off. This painful old process destroys healthy tissue, forcing the body to heal itself. CosMedix’s chirally correct, non-traumatic chemical peels succeed by stimulating healthy change. The soothing collagen therapy enhances skins appearance resulting in a beautiful, renewed complexion.

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