Get in shape before the summer

Need to get in shape before summer?

Exercise and eating well are essential to staying fit and healthy. Sometimes this is not enough to loose that winter weight so here at The Laser Image Company we have many treatments that can enhance your results.

Lets Learn About Our Metabolism

For most of us by our mid 20’s our basal metabolic rate (calories burnt naturally) will unfortunately decrease significantly.  This impacts our bodies ability to indulge without weight gain, and it makes losing weight that much harder.

Exercise is obviously a great way to improve your metabolism, as it creates muscle that can be used to burn extra calories. However, metabolic rates are unique to each person, and can be influenced by genetics, race and sex. Women actually have a 5-10% slower metabolism than men.  Sometimes your body just needs an extra push.

Here are some helpful solutions that will improve your health and speed up weight loss.


Vitamins are essential to our bodies health.  B12 and Lipo-Plex injections work to increase metabolism, liver function, sleep and removal of fat and toxins.

The B12 is isolated vitamin B which work wonders for energy levels. If you need more of a vitamin kick we have the Lipo-Plex which includes B12, B5, B6 and three other amino acids that improve the body functions.

Many clients wonder what the difference is between vitamins tablets and our vitamin injections. The answer – there’s a big difference in how the vitamins are absorbed orally vs. injections. Orally taken vitamins first have to be digested before your body will put them to work, and when it does only 40% of the actual vitamin gets absorbed. With injections 100% of the nutrients are absorbed and put to work immediately.

Woman pinches fat on her belly

HCG Drops

Want more? Our HCG drops work great alongside the B12 and Lipo plex. HCG are natural hormonal supplements that play a vital role in weight loss. These drops are a synthetic variant of the HCG hormone that is produced during early pregnancy stages and helps burning excess fat HCG drops will increase metabolism, decrease sugar cravings and keep you fuller for longer. HCG is best used along side a healthy eating plan for optimal results.

FatAway for Those Stubborn Areas

Stubborn fat? Try our FatAway treatment! Many adults eat well and exercise but have problem areas on the arms, stomach, flanks and thighs where fat remains no matter how much they try. FatAway destroys the fat in these problem areas by using a combination of Freeze the Fat technology and Exilis. Both treatments are  FDA approved and really work! First we kill the fat cell by freezing it and it is gone for good. Next we use the Exilis to additionally injure the fat cells, increase collagen production and tighten the skin with heat. This will finally remove all that stubborn fat.


We have many treatments available to suit everyone needs. From B12 “vitamin cocktails” and Lipo-plex shots that are “fat-loving”, to Exilis that will melt problem areas while you are relaxing, to freezing the stubborn fat off with a laser.

All of these treatments are minimally invasive in-office procedures. Come in and get a complimentary consultation to see what would be best for your concerns. Visit us at The Laser Image Company, your place for treatment & education.

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