Chemical peels for sun damage typically consist of many different types of active ingredients in varying strengths. Our skincare professionals will analyze your specific skin type and condition and base your treatment plan on your goals.

The laser Image company offers more aggressive peels for transformative effects like TCA, Phenol, Glycolic acid, and Retinoic Acid. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our skincare professional to see what peel is best for your concern.

Benefits of
Chemical Peel for Sun Damage:

  • Remove brown spots and freckles
  • Lighten melasma
  • Decrease fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulate cell turnover
  • Reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation

Chemical Peel for Sun Damage
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FAQ’s – Chemical Peel for Sun Damage

What are chemical/skin peels?
Chemical peels produce controlled injury to the skin, which promotes the growth of new skin and improved appearance. A variety of chemicals can be used as peeling agents such as TCA, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Jessner, and after a thorough consultation, your skincare professional will decide which is best for your skin condition.

What are chemical peels used for?
Chemical peels are used for the treatment of photo-aging (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, and discoloration (including melasma, freckles, and age spots).

How are chemical peels for sun damage performed?
There are numerous chemical peels and each one is performed differently. In general, chemical peels usually begin with vigorous cleansing of the skin, followed by the application of the appropriate peel.

How long do chemical peels take?
Most peels can be performed within a few minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated but expect 30 minutes for the entire chemical peel process.

What will my skin feel like after a chemical peel for sun damage?
The state of your skin after a peel depends on the type of chemical used and your skin type. Superficial peels have limited effects. Medium peels as for sun damage may cause some redness and irritation, and the deeper peels may require 10-14 days to recover.

How many chemical peels will I need to remove sun damage?
Generally, chemical peels are done once every 2-3 weeks until the desired results are achieved. A home skincare regimen will ensure better outcomes and long-lasting results. Maintenance peels can then be performed once a month.

How long do the chemical peels for sun damage results last?
With good sun protection, results can last months, even years. This is dependent upon the depth of the peel. The deeper peels generally provide a long-lasting effect.

What are the risks of chemical peels for brown spots?
Superficial peels are quite safe, although minor irritation of the skin can occur. The risk of deep peels can include infection, scarring, redness, and discoloration.

How long after a chemical peel for sun damage before I can return to normal activities?
A. Light Peels- The light peel takes approximately three to five days to complete the shedding process. No downtime required.

B. Medium Peels- Medium peels usually persist for five to seven days. The skin may or may not flake and fall away. AHAs can produce some redness with little or no flaking, depending on the individual.

C. Deep Peels- May take several weeks to fully recover. This type of peel is usually effective in treating hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What should I use at home to maintain the condition of my skin after a facial peel for dark spots?
Your skincare professional will discuss the appropriate products can use and sun protection is a must.

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