Importance of Skin Care

Our skin protects us from our everyday environment, and to keep it healthy is important. To look after your skin and have skin care products that suit your skin’s individualized needs is a must.

Quality Skin Care

Using quality products free of harmful chemicals and substances that clog pores is a must, as our skin absorbs everything from our makeup to our aging serum. Ensuring that the ingredients in these products are good for your skin is the best way to prevent damage.

Quality skin care is our best defense to keep our skin looking youthful in our not so younger years. A product many forget when thinking about skin care is sun screen.

Sun screen is a crucial element to any skin care regime. As many aging processes are speed up by sun damage, making sure to wear a good sun screen with high SPF everyday is very important. Sun screen should be applied even if it’s not sunny outside, it will help keep your skin glowing and not aging.

Other ingredients to keep in mind to have in your skin care are retinol, anti oxidants and vitamins – if you don’t have these ingredients in your current products, we suggest you give Cosmedix Skin Care a try.


Cosmedix is a well known skin care line use by people all over the world, and you can see it more in media now them before.  Cosmedix has been trusted by skin experts for years. Cosmedix is original with its vegan, plant based ingredients, paraben free approach to skin care. Cosmedix can delivery real results with minimal irritation, unlike the many products given at Dermatologists and Doctor offices. As every skin type is different, Cosmedix have a huge range of products to suit everyone’s needs. Oily? Aging? Acne? Dry? Cosmedix is perfect for everyone.

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We recommend using Cosmedix skin care alongside any of the treatments we have on offer at The Laser Image Company. The range holds everything from anti aging to acne to hyper pigmentation solutions and its suitable for all ages, genders and skin types.

90% of getting results depends on you doing your job at home with your daily skin care regime and good products. So give your skin at least 7 minutes to complete these steps every morning and evening.

Our experienced nurses and aestheticians are happy to help you with any skin concerns (scaring, break outs, hyper pigmentation). We use our consultation time to work out treatments that suit your schedule and budget.

For an extra boost, come in to us at The Laser Image Company and get a facial treatment or laser depending on your skin concern. We are here to help you look your best!

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