Improve Dark Spots with this Perfect Pair

Finding your perfect pair can be as simple as an in-depth consultation with a skin care specialist. Your skin is very unique and has specific needs. Identify your skin goals and find your perfect pair to fight dark spots.

Sometimes a magic duo is required including laser treatments along with an active serum to get the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time.

Start with Products to Decrease Dark Spots and Circles

Opti Crystal and Serum 16 from Cosmedix will help refresh the eyes and brighten the complexion.


This highly emollient serum provides deep hydration to the eye area while radically reducing the look of dark circles, fine lines and crow’s feet.  This is the perfect eye product to use along with laser genesis to stimulate collagen and bring back that youthful glow.


Powered with LG-Retinex and loaded with Vitamin E, this rapid renewal complex is a nonirritating, hydrating formula that normalizes skin and renews the complexion with amazing results. Dark spots will lighten bringing back a natural glow to the skin.

IPL & Laser Genesis to Conquer Dark Spots

Depending on the concern you have a laser treatment is the second part of the pair to diminish dark spots and circles.

IPL, also called PhotoFacial is a procedure in which specific wavelengths of light are used on the skin to penetrate and break up pigmentation.  This procedure can be alternated with Laser Genesis to increase the outcome. Both procedures target the melanin in the skin, breaking it up and it will eventually find its way up to the surface and slough off. Improved skin texture, tone and color, along with new collagen stimulation for a younger looking complexion.

How Long Will it Take to See the Dark Spots Diminish

Most clients will see a dramatic change in the superficial dark spots after the first treatment. Expect a peppering like effect from the IPL on the skin that can be covered with make-up and will flake off after 10-14 days. Over the next 3-4 months the results of the combination approach will show as the deeper pigment is lightened, wrinkles are diminished and the skin is brighter.

The effect on the dark circles will also see a nice change after the initial treatment with further lightening over the next 3 months. The laser will break up the capillaries, stimulate collagen, plump the skin and the eye cream will hydrate and repair the eye area.

If you feel you need help with dark spots and circles we are here to help. Let us set up a treatment plan with the perfect pair of products and laser procedures to tackle this specific skin concern.

Come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our nurses, so you can decide what would be best for you. The Laser Image Company, your place for treatment & education.

The Laser Image Company

About The Laser Image Company: The clinic was a collaboration of Dr. Lad Rubaum an ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and John Santoliquido, a laser specialist and trainer, with the intention to educate patients on all the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments available. We specialize in advanced treatments with Botox and can create amazing transformations with dermal fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Belotero, Radiesse and Restylane. Our state of the art lasers can treat any skin color. We offer laser Skin tightening, Laser Hair & Vein Removal , IPL, Photofacial, Genesis for rosacea and collagen stimulation, Vanquish for fat melting and Fractional laser for acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks. The staff was handpicked by for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the specific treatments they perform. Whether it is a laser to tighten the skin or a filler plump the lips, Laser Image Company will have you covered.

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