Redness in the cheeks(rosacea), broken capillaries  around the nose and even dark green or blue vessels around the eyes can be treated at the Laser Image Company. Most procedures will use a combination of the treatments listed below to get the optimal results.

Genesis Laser

This gentle but results oriented laser targets the micro-vascular redness on the face, breaking the vessels up and allowing the body to absorb them.

IPL Limelight Laser

This laser works by using intense pulse light(IPL) to target small broken capillaries. The vessels absorb the heat, causing injury and then the body naturally breaks the capillaries down.

Vein Laser

This laser is adjustable to any size or color vein. The contact cooling tip protects the skin and reduces discomfort while the laser treats the vessel.

Skin Care Products

Effective skin care products are essential to protecting the skin from the sun and have the ability to reduce redness. Have our skin care professional educate you on what products will benefit your skin condition.


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