The Benefits of Getting Monthly Facials

Are Facials Just A luxury?

Facials are a great way to get a deep cleanse and hydrate your skin. Many people look at getting facials as a luxury, but there are actually a lot of benefits for your skin when you receive facials monthly. As we age we do not produce as much collagen as we did when we were younger. This leads to loss of elasticity, wrinkles, sagging skin, and we become more prone to skin damage. So why should you get facials every month? Your skins regenerates every 3-4 weeks. Getting a facial every month helps to support the skin’s natural exfoliation process, allowing your skin to maintain its glow and radiance.

Facials don’t only help those with aging skin, but they also help people who are struggling with acne, scarring or pigmentation, and those who just want to maintain there skin health. If you are struggling with acne, having facials monthly helps to get a deep cleanse and exfoliation to reduce any clogged pores and congestion. Getting a deep exfoliation helps to speed up the cell turnover rate, which also helps the healing process for acne and getting rid of pigmentation.



Facials are meant to support the overall appearance of the skin, and while some benefits of facials are relaxation and supporting mental health, you can see that there are many more benefits that help your skin to look its best. Our skin is our largest organ, and its important to take care of it! Doing your research and consulting with your esthetician are important steps in taking care of your skin.

Your Skin Care Specialist, Madison

So if your skin feels a little rough or dull come in and speak to Madison or any of our skin specialists. We will get your skin glowing in no time!  The Laser Image Company is here to educate you and offer the best treatment possible for lasting results.

Madison Moro

Madison Moro (Licensed Medical Esthetician) After graduating with a BS in Psychology from California State University of Northridge, Madison decided to follow her dream in the beauty industry by going back to school to earn her Esthetician’s license. She has over 5 years of beauty industry experience, working in salons and spas, always growing her passion for skincare. She is dedicated to gaining as much knowledge as possible to help each individual with their skin concern.

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