Is a Skin Tightening Laser a Viable Treatment for Post Pregnancy Loose Skin?

Now it is possible to get your body back to your pre-pregnancy shape by tightening up any skin laxity or sagging skin in under an hour and without surgery, injections or downtime.

We all know that no matter how much you work out after having a baby, the loose skin in the abdomen area can be a difficult task to eliminate and overcome.

Now it is possible to get your body back to your pre-pregnancy shape by tightening up any skin laxity or sagging skin in under an hour and without surgery, injections or downtime. The Refirme, skin tightening laser system by Syneron uses two different types of energies to heat up the skin [dermis]. The infrared light and radio-frequency gently bulk heats the area to stimulate the body’s natural processes to renew the skin’s collagen foundation resulting in a tighter, healthier-looking skin.

What to Expect from Laser Skin Tightening

Skin tightening treatments take between 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. According to Dr. Rubaum, Director of the Laser Image Company in Redondo Beach who uses the Refirme laser system, “Most patients see an immediate change, with an increased tightening of the skin seen over time. The laser energies turn on the body’s natural production of collagen for up to 6 months so expect your results to continue to improve.”

The picture to left is of a 38 year old women’s abdomen after pregnancy. Following one Refirme skin tightening treatment shown on the right, we can see the loose skin above the belly button considerably reduced and improved.

The Refirme skin tightening treatment can also be used on any area of the body including face, neck, knees and arms with the same successful results. Dr. Rubaum continued, “We have even used the laser to tighten the skin on the upper eyelids, giving a more open look to the eyes and raising the brow.”

What Can you Expect to Pay Laser Skin Tightening

With cost ranging somewhere between $150 – $500 per treatment, the Refirme skin tightening procedure is an efficient, effective and inexpensive alternative to reverse the adverse results of baby pregnancies while providing a younger looking and healthy skin for all of our patients.

When considering skin tightening treatments, consult with an authority who is knowledgeable and qualified in this field. Schedule a free consultation with our experienced skin care professionals where your issues and concerns will be discussed and a personalized treatment plan can be suggested.

Let the Laser Image Company educate you on how skin tightening can work for you.

Sukari Rodgers

Sukari Rodgers (RN), is experienced in various lasers and other cosmetic procedures. Originally from Indiana, Sukari earned her nursing degree in Texas before moving out to Redondo Beach as a travel nurse. She enjoys working in the cosmetic and optimal-aging field. In her free time she enjoys school , reading, running, yoga, spinning, and pretty much anything else that keeps her active. About The Laser Image Company: The clinic was a collaboration of Dr. Lad Rubaum an ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and John Santoliquido, a laser specialist and trainer, with the intention to educate patients on all the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments available. We specialize in advanced treatments using Microneedlng with PRP. Our injectable specialists use Botox to smooth lines and can create amazing transformations with dermal fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Radiesse and Restylane. Our state of the art lasers can treat any skin color. We offer laser Skin tightening, Laser Hair & Vein Removal , IPL, Photofacial, Genesis for rosacea and collagen stimulation, Vanquish for fat melting and Fractional laser for acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks. The staff was handpicked by Dr. Rubaum for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the specific treatments they perform. Whether it is a laser to tighten the skin or a filler plump the lips, Laser Image Company will have you covered.

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