Non- Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments – Do They Really Work


It has been said that non-surgical skin tightening treatments are just hype and patients are being misled to believing they can get surgical facelift results from this type of laser technology. The problem with any treatments that are offered today is that the practitioners are giving false expectations. Is this the case with skin tightening treatments or does the technology just give inadequate results?

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Dr. Rubaums Take on Laser Skin Tightening

According to Dr. Rubaum, Director of the Laser Image Company in Redondo Beach who uses the Refirme laser skin system, “The results of the skin tightening laser are very consistent at our office; first we choose the correct type of patient with the skin issues where the laser is most effective.  During the initial consultation we discuss how the laser works, what conditions it can help and what they can expect from the treatment.” Taking the time to educate a patient will give them a clear understanding of the procedure and the expected results. He also stated, “We frequently turn away patients with to high expectations, under promise and over deliver, if laser skin tightening is not right for them, suggest a procedure that is.”

The emergence of this skin tightening technology is the result of patients looking for alternatives to surgically invasive facelifts. With no downtime, good results and budget friendly prices, patients can have the procedure monthly without missing any work.


The Refirme, the skin tightening laser system by Syneron, which is used by Dr. Rubaum, uses two different types of energies to heat up the skin [dermis]. The infrared light and radio-frequency gently bulk heats the area to stimulate the body’s natural processes to renew the skin’s collagen foundation resulting in a tighter, healthier-looking skin.


With so many places in society that offer this type of procedure how do we know which to choose? Dr. Rubaum states, “The best results occur when the appropriate technique is used, find a location that has an experienced laser skin tightening technician who takes the time to explain the procedure and does not rush you out of the room.”

With cost ranging somewhere between $150 – $500 per treatment, the Refirme skin tightening procedure is an efficient, effective and inexpensive alternative to reverse the adverse effects of aging and reduce wrinkles, providing a younger looking and healthy skin for all patients.

Visit the Laser Image Company and see if Refirme skin tightening is right for you.

Carolina Brown

Carolina Brown(Aesthetic Nurse) is a life-long resident of the South Bay and a graduate of El Camino College and UCLA. Her passion for the aesthetic industry is what led her to The Laser Image Company. A self-proclaimed “science nerd,” she also has a passion and flair for the artistry of beauty enhancements. Nothing makes her happier than her patients experiencing excellent service, a warm and caring environment, and natural, elegant results.

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