Peel Away Old Build Up, for a Fresh Fall Start

Why is Now the Start of Peel Season?

One of the most important reasons to step up your professional skin treatments in the fall is to heal and repair the skin from the summer sun exposure. In addition people spend less time in the sun during fall which allows for the skin to be safely exfoliated with minimal exposure to damaging rays.

What Types of Peels Should You Do?

With so many options available we always suggest to consult with a skin care specialist who knows your skin. If you are new to this process, find someone reputable and bring in the home skincare products you are currently using. This information along with other will help with the type and depth of the peel that will be used.

We like to use Cosmedix Peels that are chirally correct. These type of peels have only the active ingredients of a molecule and can be left on the skin to neutralize.  They allow large molecules like retinol the ability to penetrate the skins surface layer and convert to retinoid acid without irritation.

Benefits of Cosmedix professional peels:

  • Avoid the unnecessary wounding, downtime and sometimes even excessive peeling associated with traditional peels.
  • Natural Moisture Factors (NMF’s) increase skin hydration, density and tolerance.
  • Multiple chirally correct acids such as L-lactic, L-mandelic, D-glucuronic and salicylic can be used at once.
  • Encapsulated  retinol allows for deeper cellular penetration and maximum benefit without the usual inflammation.

Deeper penetration with less irritation, equals better and faster results.

Home Care Products

What can you do at home between your professional treatments to help remove the damage from the summer months? Cosmedix have numerous effective products that will change the skin while also being gentle.

The Cosmedix cleansers, Purity Clean and Purity Detox Scrub, are a must to start with. They will clean the skin allowing better penetration of treatment serums and exfoliators.

Simply Brilliant is simply fantastic to use for discoloration. It is a 24/7 brightening product packed with ten plant – based lightening ingredients and powerful antioxidants. This serum fights the look of discoloration and helps prevent future sunlight induced pigmentation. I would recommend to give Simply Brilliant a brightening boost as well, by mixing in a few Pure C crystals or pair Simply Brilliant with a retinol product like Define.

Cell ID, Serum 16 and Pure Enzymes are other favorites that help to repair and restore your skin for a youthful healthy glow.

Let us help you reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots that are caused by the sun. Give your skin a fresh start, and let  The Laser Image Company customize a professional treatment plan and a home care regime that is right for you. Call to book you complimentary consultation with one of our skin care specialists today. Education, Treatment, Results

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