Say Bye, Bye to Blemishes

The fall and winter months are great times to tackle acne problems. The use of exfoliating products help clear that acne prone skin but make it much more sensitive to the sun. The cooler months, when the sun is not as strong is smart choice as it reduces the chance of  pigmentation issues. No reason to add another skin concern when someone is already struggling with an acne problem.

What Can You Do to Take Control of Acne?

Acne can appear on skin of all ages, and can be difficult to deal with. With the correct professional treatments and home care products we can get it under control. Most people think that using strong products that dry out oily skin is what to do but DON’T. This will cause the skin to produce even more sebum (oil) and you will get stuck with even oilier skin and more break outs than you had to begin with. Skin care that is gentle, not drying and that treats the skin correctly is the way to go when it comes to oily and acne skin. That, along with a good moisturizer and sunscreen is the way to take control.

Here are Some of Our Blemish Fighting Favorites to Treat and Prevent Acne:

As a cleanser, I recommend Purity Clean, it deep cleans and exfoliates, to prevent dead skin cells and bacteria from building up to causes acne. If you are very oily I would suggest Purity Balance after the cleanser as well. This toner removes any access dirt you might have left after the wash and balances the skins PH.

So you’re probably gonna think I am crazy recommending another cleanser, and that is Purity Solution. Purity Solution is an oil cleanser, yes you heard me, and oil cleanser! You are thinking, but I have oily skin already, you want me to use more oil on it?! That is right, what not many people know is that oil helps oil to dissolve. This oil cleanser will deep clean without stripping the skin of the moisture. It will melt away excess oil, makeup, sunscreen and environmental impurities while keeping the skin radiant. This is a personal favorite for me.

As someone with experience having acne and oily skin when younger, and the occasional breakout now I know what works and why. You do not want to apply too many products. One serum, a light moisturizer, and of course top it off with a sunscreen, is enough for your daily routine.

Clarity Serum is a light serum and a must for acne prone skin. It uses salicylic acid and tea tree oil to balance the oil production.

Phytoclear and Hydrate + are two very light moisturizers that are perfect for an oily skin type that will not feel heavy and let your skin “breathe”.

One product that I carry around with me, and can not live without, is Mystic. Mystic is a hydrating spray that provides a lightweight hydration that is ideal for oily, sensitive and problem skin.

cosmedix clear-2oz

For night time, I suggest a treatment cream that exfoliates and hydrates acne prone skin. I would get either Define or Defy, which are gentle resurfacing night treatment creams.

Extra home “treatments” that can be done during the week:

Clear is a great mask for acne prone skin. It clarifies and decongests oily problematic skin. You can also spot treat with this mask, as it works wonders on acne flare ups.
Pure Enzymes is another mask/enzyme to use in between visiting your skin care professional. You can use this cranberry treatment 1-2 times a week to unclog pores and soften your skin. And who does not want softer skin?

With the right home care products and professional treatments you can treat your acne and we are here to help. Invest in yourself, in your skin, and commit for a better and clear complexion once and for all! When the day is finally there; and you starting to see a change, that feeling is priceless 🙂

So take the next step, and come in to us at The Laser Image Company and let us help you in the right direction to say bye, bye to your blemishes.

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