Why You Should Dermaplane

What to Expect from Dermaplaning:

Dermaplane is an exfoliation treatment that takes off the dead skin cells on the face as well as removing the vellus hair that can trap dirt and oil. This treatment is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

You will notice this treatment not only changes the way your makeup applies, but it also helps your skincare products to penetrate deeper  which allows  your skin to get the most benefits from your products.


This is my favorite treatment to give because you see immediate results with no down time, and it’s completely painless! You’ll notice your skin looking smoother, more radiant and brighter after the first treatment!

Our Dermaplaning Treatment

Our Dermaplaning treatment is different from others because we include a double exfoliation by using an enzyme afterwards. The enzyme helps to eat away the dead skin, and is a great way to exfoliate. This helps to increase cell turnover, leaving your skin with a more even tone and texture.

Because of Dermaplane’s deep exfoliation, we recommend it for people who are dealing with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. If you feel like your skin has been looking dull lately, I would highly recommend trying our Dermaplane treatment to give you that radiant glow!

Your Skin Care Specialist, Madison

So if your skin feels a little rough or dull come in and speak to Madison or any of our skin specialists. We will get your skin glowing in no time!  The Laser Image Company is here to educate you and offer the best treatment possible for lasting results.

Madison Moro

Madison Moro (Licensed Medical Esthetician) After graduating with a BS in Psychology from California State University of Northridge, Madison decided to follow her dream in the beauty industry by going back to school to earn her Esthetician’s license. She has over 5 years of beauty industry experience, working in salons and spas, always growing her passion for skincare. She is dedicated to gaining as much knowledge as possible to help each individual with their skin concern.

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