What are Growth Factors and Platelet Rich Plasma?

Growth factors are vital to maintaining a youthful appearance. The skin and scalp contain multiple growth factors that regulate damage repair processes to keep skin healthy and to maintain a normal hair growth cycle as well as regulate natural cellular renewal.

Growth factors are responsible for helping to reverse the visible effects of aging and premature aging due to environmental factors.

By adding epidermal growth factors to a Microneedling skin rejuvenation treatment, we have created the most comprehensive and advanced treatment available.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are a group of specialized proteins found in many different cell types within the body. They have many functions, with the most important being the activation of cellular renewal. Their job is to turn essential activities within the cell ‘on’ or ‘off’ to help each cell function as it had in its prime. Playing a variety of roles, they help to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance by increasing cell renewal, cell defense, blood circulation and collagen and elastin production.

The consequences of environmental exposure and the normal process of aging lead to excessive free radical damage of skin and scalp cellular components. This results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin networks in the dermis and producing the effect of visible facial aging.

In multiple studies, topically applied Growth Factors have been shown to reduce the signs of aging, including reductions of fine lines and wrinkles and increases the dermal collagen synthesis. They also shorten the healing time of burn scars and restores normal hair growth.

In Short what Growth Factors do:

  • Promote improved conditions for healing with reduced inflammation
  • Increase circulation, as well as collagen and elastin production
  • Control cellular growth and increased cell turn over rate

How Does PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Effect Skin Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP is a concentration in the blood that is crucial to wound healing. When used for skin rejuvenation, PRP releases growth factors into the skin to expedite the body’s own repair process.  It stimulates new collagen and elastin resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

PRP is concentrated blood plasma that is enriched with platelets that are found within the blood. It contains 8 potent growth factors along with other proteins that stimulate the healing of soft tissue. In the body, platelets are responsible for helping the blood clot and they help rebuild damaged tissue. Additionally, studies have shown that platelets can stimulate your stem cells resulting in the growth of new skin.

Role of Platelet Rich Plasma in wound healing

PRP affects soft tissue healing via growth factors. These growth factors initiate and enhance physiological processes that contribute to tissue recovery and healing after injury.

When injecting PRP into your skin, or getting it in conjunction with micro needling, the PRP will release the growth factors in your skin that will result in collagen stimulation and younger appearing skin!

To see if the PRP treatments are right for you and your concerns, I always recommend coming in to our office for a complimentary consultation to see what would be best for you. Visit us at The Laser Image Company, your place for treatment & education.

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